Clean Eatz is more than a restaurant, cafe, or meal plan – it’s a lifestyle brand

Franchise owners Alex Wallace and Ryan Spencer could well be the “secret sauce” to success.

If timing were the key to building a successful business, Clean Eatz West Palm Beach would have failed from the get-go. After months of planning, strategizing, and architecting, the lifestyle brand opened its doors on March 27th, 2020 – precisely the week that the United States shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, not the best time to host a launch party or open house.

But, alas, timing is not the primary driving factor in a successful food business. And with the right combination of intrinsic factors, quality ingredients, and a receptive collection of raving fans, Clean Eatz has experienced tremendous growth and positive receptivity in the community.

4 Ingredients That Make Clean Eatz So Successful


When we peel back the layers and analyze the DNA of Clean Eatz, it becomes obvious why they’ve been so successful. Let’s dig in and learn more about what goes into their “secret sauce.”

1. Clean Eatz Is Not Margin Oriented

One of the most unique elements of the Clean Eatz franchise is that its primary focus is to provide clean, healthy, and nutritious food. Profit margin is secondary. You won’t find many other businesses where quality supersedes margins – it just doesn’t happen in today’s culture.

Clean Eatz is all about making healthy food convenient. This is done by making quality ingredients affordable to the masses. As bodybuilders, franchise owners Alex Wallace and Ryan Spencer have always been focused on helping people become the best versions of themselves. This involves proper fitness, strong mental resolve, and a healthy, balanced diet. For decades, the latter aspect has tripped people up. Clean Eatz now makes it possible for people to get a balanced diet without spending thousands of dollars a month.

Whether it’s one meal every couple of weeks or a 21-meal weekly plan, Clean Eatz exists to provide optimum nutrition at a low price without compromising on quality. It’s a fine line, yet the franchise knows precisely how to juggle all three components in one harmonious blend.

2. Taste is Never Compromised

Naturally, most people think that Clean Eatz must compromise in at least one area. People have been taught that there’s always a tradeoff between nutrition, price, and taste. Tasty food tends to be cheap and unhealthy (fast food), while nutritious food tends to be more expensive and less tasty. But Clean Eatz has never played by the rules. They’ve discovered a way to do all three at once – and it’s one of the primary reasons for their success.

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As unbelievable as it is, customers rave over the fact that Clean Eatz is able to provide variety without any fall-off in quality or execution.

The Clean Eatz Bison Burger is a great example of this. It has a unique, mouth-watering flavor that ignites your senses the moment you smell it sizzling in the kitchen. The patty is topped with smoked applewood turkey bacon, low-fat American cheddar cheese, fresh cut heirloom tomato, and a crispy sheet of green leaf lettuce. (And every single menu item is prepared with this level of intricate and intentionality.)

Not a Bison burger fan? Other popular menu options include:

  • Chicken pesto wraps with crisp spinach, juicy tomato, crisp cucumber, and delightful turkey bacon.
  • “The Arnold” wrap with tender shredded beef, brown rice, juicy green peppers, mushrooms, intentionally-sourced romaine, creamy mozzarella, and a thoughtfully blended Buffalo sauce.
  • The Tropical Bombshell smoothie with vanilla 1stPhorm protein, fresh bananas, and pina colada and smoothie creme.

3. Clean Eatz is a One-Stop Shop

The Clean Eatz business model is as diverse as its menu offerings. The brand takes pride in the fact that it offers a one-stop shop for the community. They’re more than just a meal plan company. They’re a full-service restaurant that offers hot, fresh, and healthy foods seven days a week.

Whether you want to stop in and grab a meal plan (options include five meals, 10 meals, 15 meals, and 21 meals), pick up a grab n’ go style meal, or sit down for a delicious lunch or early dinner, the option is yours.

4. The Entire Team is Bought In

If you check out the Clean Eatz Google Reviews, you’ll see that customers love the food, the prices, and the entire experience. Other business owners, restaurant managers, and entrepreneurs are often curious as to what makes the brand so successful. And aside from all of the factors mentioned above, it comes down to the fact that the entire team is bought in.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a menu that’s so diverse and fresh, yet rich in flavor. It’s part of what makes Clean Eatz such a unique brand.

The employees at Clean Eatz West Palm Beach are incredible. They’re hard working, team oriented, and passionate. They’re the very embodiment of what Alex and Ryan believe in. They want to help people become better versions of themselves.

Every Clean Eatz team member places an emphasis on the details while still remaining focused on the big picture. They’re conscious about macro counting to ensure every single meal exhibits exactly what the label says – there are no exceptions!

This belief in the Clean Eatz mission and conscientiousness is a testament to Ryan’s background. After being a Quality Director for the past eight years in the aerospace/automotive industry, meeting and exceeding standards is something that comes naturally.

From the fresh tomatoes to the fresh Brussels sprouts, everything Clean Eatz does is simple (fresh produce and lean proteins), yet the team is able to ensure high-level execution without compromise.

Try Clean Eatz Today

Clean Eatz is more than a restaurant, cafe, or meal plan – it’s a lifestyle brand that’s committed to making communities like West Palm Beach healthier and happier. Whether you want to stop in and have a quick lunch or grab a nutritious dinner on the way home from the office, we’ve got you covered. Come in today to find out why thousands are raving about the Clean Eatz difference.

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