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MÜV Marijuana Edibles; An Award-Winning Tasty Treat

Florida officials recently authorized the sale of edibles for medical marijuana patients

The Future of Marijuana Edibles

The Relationship of an Award-Winning Tasty Treat


The Future of Marijuana Edibles: The Relationship of an Award-Winning Tasty Treat

Few American marketplaces have experienced as much evolution over the past five years as the cannabis industry. In particular, the marijuana edible industry has exploded onto the scene.

The boom in legal cannabis – including both medical and recreational – has been nothing short of spectacular. And with changing political tides and an increasingly lax view of cannabis among the general public, those inside the industry believe the best is yet to come.

The Rise of the Marijuana Edibles Market

According to ArcView Research, what is already a multi-billiondollar industry could be worth as much as $32 billion globally by as early as 2022 – driven in large part by remarkable growth in the edibles and beverage market (forecasted to be worth $4.1 billion by 2022).

Jenni Fried Sales Manager for MÜV FloridaResearch shows that 46% of people are willing to try cannabis-infused products if they become commercially available to them, while 93% of people favoring cannabis legalization are open to trying an edible product.

Here in the Sunshine State, Florida officials recently authorized the sale of edibles for medical marijuana patients. In response, the demand for edibles – which don’t require inhalation and are easy and discreet to consume – has skyrocketed.

Meeting this demand is MÜV, the state of Florida’s premier dispensary for high-quality cannabis edibles.

What’s the MÜV? The Lowdown on Cannabis Edibles

With their Boynton Beach dispensary opening its doors at the end of 2020, MÜV now has 30 different locations strategically positioned around Florida. And not only do they have some of the most informed and educated experts in the field, but they’re also known throughout the state for offering the highest-quality edibles.

Jenni Fried, the Southeast Florida Sales Manager for MÜV Florida, knows this firsthand.

Jenni FriedShe began her professional career working in the local school system as a speech-language pathologist, but eventually pivoted to cannabis following her mother’s unexpected cancer diagnosis. Today, she’s an advocate for cannabis and uses her platform to educate physicians, patients, and members of the community about the medicinal and healing benefits of cannabis (based in large part on her personal experience with cannabis as medicine for her mother, as well as her self-guided research).

As someone who knows a lot about the industry, Fried is convinced that it’s the quality that sets MÜV apart and will encourage new patients to give edibles a try. The dispensary partners with Wana Brands, which is one of the top producers of marijuana edibles in North America, to offer gluten-free and vegan chews that are years ahead of the closest competitors.

In addition to having robust flavor profiles, the WanaSoft Chews are Pectin-based. This gives them the unique ability to withstand the Florida heat without clumping together or melting. (Unlike gelatin-based chews that have a much lower melting point.) They also contain terpenes to drive strain-specific effects for the product.

In addition to their partnership with Wana, MÜV has also developed its own patented encapsulation technology known as EnCaps. This vegan formula allows for fast-acting medication and consistent dosing for patients who want a quality, smoke-free cannabis experience.

Edibles, Potencies, and Effects…Oh My!

MÜV’s edible products can essentially be grouped into two categories: chews and capsules. And while all of the products tend to promote what Fried calls a “body effect,” each individual product induces different effects based on the terpene profiles.

“Our 10mg THC indica, which is our blueberry flavor, is formulated to induce relaxation,” Fried says. “According to patient reviews, they help patients get sleep and find relief with symptom management and promote deeply relaxing and sedating effects.”

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The sativa chews, which also have 10mg THC, come in a mango flavor. They’re specifically formulated to induce uplifting effects. And according to patient feedback, they’re known to ease the mind and promote relaxation. As such, they’re a go-to option for daytime stress relief.

“Our 10mg THC hybrid chew is a watermelon flavor,” Fried notes. “The Wana watermelon flavor is formulated to induce a balanced, mild experience. According to patient reviews, they ease patients’ minds, help patients find relief, and provide relaxed and pain-free effects.”

Finally, there’s a strawberry lemonade flavor, which includes a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. This balanced formula offers psychoactive effects, while also promoting tranquility and relaxation in the patient.

One of the top questions Fried receives when meeting with physicians, patients, and members of the community pertains to psychoactive effects and how to use medical edibles for optimum results.

“There’s often a preconceived notion about edibles where people think that if they don’t feel the effects from the medication right away that they should take more. But that’s not the case when it comes to edibles, because it takes a little bit more time for your body to digest and therefore feel the effects,” Fried says.

“To ensure that the dosing takes effect when intended, it’s best to consume edibles on a full stomach – ideally with healthy fats like peanut butter or avocado,” she recommends. “The cannabinoids are fat-soluble, so in order for them to digest and enter the bloodstream more readily, having a full stomach is the best way to ensure optimum absorption of the medicine.”

Most patients will find that traditional edibles take between 60-90 minutes to take effect. But one of the unique things about the EnCaps technology is that it takes just 20 minutes to begin feeling the benefits. This makes it the ideal solution for quick relief.

How much to take depends on a patient’s specific needs, as well as their experience with consuming edibles. Those who are new to oral ingestibles should start with a 5mg dose. (Because Wana edibles are infused during the cooking process, patients can cut the chew in half and receive precisely half of the full 10mg dose.)

“Patients can also begin an edible regimen by easing into oral dosing with the encapsulated tincture,” Fried suggests. “And with that, I would start with a quarter of a dropper and increase the dosage as needed to achieve the intended effect that the patient is looking for.”

The importance of listening to your body should never be understated. While natural and healthy, each patient’s body reacts differently to medical cannabis products. The more patients pay attention to their bodies, the better the results will be.

A New Horizon for Marijuana Edibles

It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but this industry has been trending in a positive direction for the better part of a decade. All signs indicate major growth and positive adoption over the next couple of years, and you’ll find MÜV right there leading the way.

“Edibles are a great discreet way to consume medical cannabis,” Fried says with great enthusiasm. “MÜV is dedicated to bringing the best medical cannabis products to Florida patients, which is why we partner with Wana – the top-selling edible company in Canada, Colorado, and Arizona.”

And for thousands of Florida residents, choosing to use Soft Chews and EnCapshas been the best MÜV they’ve made in years.

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